Thursday, May 4, 2017

ArcMap Ground Truthing LULC

Lab Objectives:

By the end of this lab, students should be able to:

  • Construct an unbiased sampling system
  • Locate and identify features using Google Maps street view
  • Calculate the accuracy of a Land Use / Land Cover classification map 

This lab focused on establishing accuracy in land classification using ground truthing. Adding the LULC map from the previous lab in ArcMap, I randomly marked 30 points around the map. Then, using Google Maps and Streetview, I judged whether the feature at each point actually corresponded with the land classification. If it did, I indicated that the point was accurate. If it did not, I indicated the point was inaccurate. After doing this for all 30 points, I calculated the overall accuracy of sample points to land classification. I changed the symbology of the points to green for accurate points and red for inaccurate points. This resulted in an updated LULC map, seen below.

The map above still shows the overall land classifications and LULC codes for Pascagoula, Mississippi, but it is also updated to show the ground truthing and point accuracy.

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